What are primary colors?
    The group of colors from which all other colors can be obtained by mixing is called primary colors. In paint pigments, yellow, red, and blue are the primary colors because they can’t be created by mixing any other colors and all other colors can be obtained by mixing them in various combinations. The three primary colors of light are red, green and blue. The difference is that light is additive, while paint is subtractive. If you mix the primary colors of light, you will end up with white light. But if you mix the primary colors of paint you will end up with black paint. With light, you are mixing wavelengths together, adding them up to some color. With paint, you are removing colors. For instance, red paint absorbs all wavelengths except for red. And if you have green paint, it will absorb all wavelengths except for green. So, mixing them together, you will absorb all wavelengths. This is why with light you want to use the primary colors- colors which are a single wavelength, while with paint you want to use secondary colors- colors which reflect multiple wavelengths. For instance, yellow reflects red and green, while magenta reflects red and blue. So, mix yellow and magenta together, and you'll get red (since yellow absorbs everything but red and green, magenta everything but red and blue, leaving only red).
    List of colors A - Z

    List of colors A - Z


     Absolute Zero



     Acid Green


     Aero Blue

     African Violet

     Air Force Blue (RAF)

     Air Force Blue (USAF)

     Air Superiority Blue

     Alabama Crimson


     Alice Blue

     Alien Armpit

     Alizarin Crimson

     Alloy Orange



     Amaranth Deep Purple

     Amaranth Pink

     Amaranth Purple

     Amaranth Red




     Amber (Web)

     American Rose


     Android Green

     Anti-Flash White

     Antique Brass

     Antique Bronze

     Antique Fuchsia

     Antique Ruby

     Antique White


     Apple Green




     Arctic Lime


     Army Green



     Arylide Yellow

     Ash Grey


     Atomic Tangerine







     Aztec Gold


     Azure (Web)

     Azure Mist

     Azureish White

     Baby Blue

     Baby Blue Eyes

     Baby Pink

     Baby Powder

     Baker-Miller Pink

     Ball Blue

     Banana Mania

     Banana Yellow

     Bangladesh Green

     Barbie Pink

     Barn Red

     Battery Charged Blue

     Battleship Grey


     Beau Blue




     B'dazzled Blue

     Big Dip O’ruby

     Big Foot Feet



     Bistre Brown

     Bitter Lemon

     Bitter Lime


     Bittersweet Shimmer


     Black Bean

     Black Coral

     Black Leather Jacket

     Black Olive

     Black Shadows

     Blanched Almond

     Blast-Off Bronze

     Blaze Orange

     Bleu De France

     Blizzard Blue



     Blue (Crayola)

     Blue (Munsell)

     Blue (NCS)

     Blue (Pantone)

     Blue (Pigment)

     Blue (RYB)

     Blue Bell

     Blue Bolt



     Blue Jeans

     Blue Lagoon

     Blue-Magenta Violet

     Blue Sapphire


     Blue Yonder





     Bondi Blue


     Booger Buster

     Boston University Red

     Bottle Green


     Brandeis Blue


     Brick Red

     Bright Cerulean

     Bright Green

     Bright Lavender

     Bright Lilac

     Bright Maroon

     Bright Navy Blue

     Bright Pink

     Bright Turquoise

     Bright Ube

     Bright Yellow (Crayola)

     Brilliant Azure

     Brilliant Lavender

     Brilliant Rose

     Brink Pink

     British Racing Green


     Bronze Yellow

     Brown (Traditional)

     Brown (Web)


     Brown Sugar

     Brown Yellow

     Brunswick Green

     Bubble Gum


     Bud Green


     Bulgarian Rose



     Burnished Brown

     Burnt Orange

     Burnt Sienna

     Burnt Umber




     Cadet Blue

     Cadet Grey

     Cadmium Green

     Cadmium Orange

     Cadmium Red

     Cadmium Yellow

     Café Au Lait

     Café Noir

     Cal Poly Green

     Cambridge Blue


     Cameo Pink

     Camouflage Green


     Canary Yellow

     Candy Apple Red

     Candy Pink


     Caput Mortuum


     Caribbean Green


     Carmine (Web)

     Carmine Pink

     Carmine Red

     Carnation Pink


     Carolina Blue

     Carrot Orange

     Castleton Green

     Catalina Blue


     Cedar Chest



     Celadon Blue

     Celadon Green


     Celestial Blue


     Cerise Pink


     Cerulean Blue

     Cerulean Frost

     CG Blue

     CG Red



     Champagne Pink


     Charleston Green

     Charm Pink

     Chartreuse (Traditional)

     Chartreuse (Web)


     Cherry Blossom Pink


     China Pink

     China Rose

     Chinese Red

     Chinese Violet

     Chlorophyll Green

     Chocolate (Traditional)

     Chocolate (Web)

     Chrome Yellow




     Cinnamon Satin




     Classic Rose

     Cobalt Blue

     Cocoa Brown



     Columbia Blue

     Congo Pink

     Cool Black

     Cool Grey


     Copper (Crayola)

     Copper Penny

     Copper Red

     Copper Rose



     Coral Pink

     Coral Red

     Coral Reef



     Cornell Red

     Cornflower Blue


     Cosmic Cobalt

     Cosmic Latte

     Coyote Brown

     Cotton Candy



     Crimson Glory

     Crimson Red



     Cyan Azure

     Cyan-Blue Azure

     Cyan Cobalt Blue

     Cyan Cornflower Blue

     Cyan (Process)

     Cyber Grape

     Cyber Yellow




     Dark Blue

     Dark Blue-Gray

     Dark Brown

     Dark Brown-Tangelo

     Dark Byzantium

     Dark Candy Apple Red

     Dark Cerulean

     Dark Chestnut

     Dark Coral

     Dark Cyan

     Dark Electric Blue

     Dark Goldenrod

     Dark Gray (X11)

     Dark Green

     Dark Green (X11)

     Dark Gunmetal

     Dark Imperial Blue

     Dark Imperial Blue

     Dark Jungle Green

     Dark Khaki

     Dark Lava

     Dark Lavender

     Dark Liver

     Dark Liver (Horses)

     Dark Magenta

     Dark Medium Gray

     Dark Midnight Blue

     Dark Moss Green

     Dark Olive Green

     Dark Orange

     Dark Orchid

     Dark Pastel Blue

     Dark Pastel Green

     Dark Pastel Purple

     Dark Pastel Red

     Dark Pink

     Dark Powder Blue

     Dark Puce

     Dark Purple

     Dark Raspberry

     Dark Red

     Dark Salmon

     Dark Scarlet

     Dark Sea Green

     Dark Sienna

     Dark Sky Blue

     Dark Slate Blue

     Dark Slate Gray

     Dark Spring Green

     Dark Tan

     Dark Tangerine

     Dark Taupe

     Dark Terra Cotta

     Dark Turquoise

     Dark Vanilla

     Dark Violet

     Dark Yellow

     Dartmouth Green

     Davy's Grey

     Debian Red

     Deep Aquamarine

     Deep Carmine

     Deep Carmine Pink

     Deep Carrot Orange

     Deep Cerise

     Deep Champagne

     Deep Chestnut

     Deep Coffee

     Deep Fuchsia

     Deep Green

     Deep Green-Cyan Turquoise

     Deep Jungle Green

     Deep Koamaru

     Deep Lemon

     Deep Lilac

     Deep Magenta

     Deep Maroon

     Deep Mauve

     Deep Moss Green

     Deep Peach

     Deep Pink

     Deep Puce

     Deep Red

     Deep Ruby

     Deep Saffron

     Deep Sky Blue

     Deep Space Sparkle

     Deep Spring Bud

     Deep Taupe

     Deep Tuscan Red

     Deep Violet



     Denim Blue

     Desaturated Cyan


     Desert Sand



     Dim Gray

     Dingy Dungeon


     Dodger Blue

     Dogwood Rose

     Dollar Bill

     Dolphin Gray

     Donkey Brown


     Duke Blue

     Dust Storm

     Dutch White

     Eagle Green

     Earth Yellow



     Eerie Black



     Egyptian Blue

     Electric Blue

     Electric Crimson

     Electric Cyan

     Electric Green

     Electric Indigo

     Electric Lavender

     Electric Lime

     Electric Purple

     Electric Ultramarine

     Electric Violet

     Electric Yellow



     English Green

     English Lavender

     English Red

     English Vermillion

     English Violet

     Eton Blue



     Falu Red


     Fandango Pink

     Fashion Fuchsia




     Fern Green

     Ferrari Red

     Field Drab

     Fiery Rose


     Fire Engine Red


     Flamingo Pink





     Floral White

     Fluorescent Orange

     Fluorescent Pink

     Fluorescent Yellow


     Forest Green (Traditional)

     Forest Green (Web)

     French Beige

     French Bistre

     French Blue

     French Fuchsia

     French Lilac

     French Lime

     French Mauve

     French Pink

     French Plum

     French Puce

     French Raspberry

     French Rose

     French Sky Blue

     French Violet

     French Wine

     Fresh Air



     Fuchsia (Crayola)

     Fuchsia Pink

     Fuchsia Purple

     Fuchsia Rose


     Fuzzy Wuzzy



     Gamboge Orange (Brown)

     Gargoyle Gas

     Generic Viridian

     Ghost White

     Giant's Club

     Giants Orange




     Glossy Grape

     GO Green

     Gold (Metallic)

     Gold (Web)

     Gold Fusion

     Golden Brown

     Golden Gate Orange

     Golden Poppy

     Golden Yellow


     Granite Gray

     Granny Smith Apple



     Gray (Web)

     Gray (X11)



     Green (Color Wheel)

     Green (Crayola)

     Green (Web)

     Green (Munsell)

     Green (NCS)

     Green (Pantone)

     Green (Pigment)

     Green (RYB)



     Green Lizard

     Green Sheen




     Guppie Green


     Halayà Úbe

     Han Blue

     Han Purple

     Hansa Yellow


     Harlequin Green

     Harvard Crimson

     Harvest Gold


     Heart Gold


     Heat Wave

     Heidelberg Red


     Heliotrope Gray

     Heliotrope Magenta



     Hollywood Cerise



     Honolulu Blue

     Hooker's Green

     Hot Magenta

     Hot Pink

     Hunter Green



     Iguana Green

     Illuminating Emerald


     Imperial Blue

     Imperial Purple

     Imperial Red



     India Green

     Indian Red

     Indian Yellow


     Indigo Dye

     Indigo (Web)

     Infra Red

     Interdimensional Blue

     International Klein Blue

     International Orange (Aerospace)

     International Orange (Engineering)

     International Orange (Golden Gate)




     Islamic Green

     Italian Sky Blue



     Japanese Carmine

     Japanese Indigo

     Japanese Violet



     Jazzberry Jam

     Jelly Bean



     Jordy Blue

     June Bud

     Jungle Green

     Kelly Green

     Kenyan Copper


     Key Lime


     Khaki (Light)

     Khaki (Dark)





     Kombu Green

     KSU Purple

     KU Crimson

     La Salle Green

     Languid Lavender

     Lapis Lazuli

     Laser Lemon

     Laurel Green


     Lavender (Floral)

     Lavender (Web)

     Lavender Blue

     Lavender Blush

     Lavender Gray

     Lavender Indigo

     Lavender Magenta

     Lavender Mist

     Lavender Pink

     Lavender Purple

     Lavender Rose

     Lawn Green


     Lemon Chiffon

     Lemon Curry

     Lemon Glacier

     Lemon Lime

     Lemon Meringue

     Lemon Yellow



     Light Apricot

     Light Blue

     Light Brown

     Light Carmine Pink

     Light Cobalt Blue

     Light Coral

     Light Cornflower Blue

     Light Crimson

     Light Cyan

     Light Deep Pink

     Light French Beige

     Light Fuchsia Pink

     Light Goldenrod Yellow

     Light Gray

     Light Grayish Magenta

     Light Green

     Light Hot Pink

     Light Khaki

     Light Medium Orchid

     Light Moss Green

     Light Orchid

     Light Pastel Purple

     Light Pink

     Light Red Ochre

     Light Salmon

     Light Salmon Pink

     Light Sea Green

     Light Sky Blue

     Light Slate Gray

     Light Steel Blue

     Light Taupe

     Light Thulian Pink

     Light Yellow


     Lilac Luster

     Lime (Color Wheel)

     Lime (Web)

     Lime Green


     Lincoln Green



     Liseran Purple

     Little Boy Blue


     Liver (Dogs)

     Liver (Organ)

     Liver Chestnut




     Maastricht Blue

     Macaroni And Cheese

     Madder Lake


     Magenta (Crayola)

     Magenta (Dye)

     Magenta (Pantone)

     Magenta (Process)

     Magenta Haze


     Magic Mint

     Magic Potion




     Majorelle Blue




     Mango Tango


     Mardi Gras


     Maroon (Crayola)

     Maroon (Web)

     Maroon (X11)


     Mauve Taupe


     Maximum Blue

     Maximum Blue Green

     Maximum Blue Purple

     Maximum Green

     Maximum Green Yellow

     Maximum Purple

     Maximum Red

     Maximum Red Purple

     Maximum Yellow

     Maximum Yellow Red

     May Green

     Maya Blue

     Meat Brown

     Medium Aquamarine

     Medium Blue

     Medium Candy Apple Red

     Medium Carmine

     Medium Champagne

     Medium Electric Blue

     Medium Jungle Green

     Medium Lavender Magenta

     Medium Orchid

     Medium Persian Blue

     Medium Purple

     Medium Red-Violet

     Medium Ruby

     Medium Sea Green

     Medium Sky Blue

     Medium Slate Blue

     Medium Spring Bud

     Medium Spring Green

     Medium Taupe

     Medium Turquoise

     Medium Tuscan Red

     Medium Vermilion

     Medium Violet-Red

     Mellow Apricot

     Mellow Yellow


     Metallic Seaweed

     Metallic Sunburst

     Metal Pink

     Mexican Pink

     Middle Blue

     Middle Blue Green

     Middle Blue Purple

     Middle Red Purple

     Middle Green

     Middle Green Yellow

     Middle Purple

     Middle Red

     Middle Red Purple

     Middle Yellow

     Middle Yellow Red


     Midnight Blue

     Midnight Green (Eagle Green)

     Mikado Yellow

     Mimi Pink



     Minion Yellow


     Mint Cream

     Mint Green

     Misty Moss

     Misty Rose


     Mode Beige

     Moonstone Blue

     Mordant Red 19

     Moss Green

     Mountain Meadow

     Mountbatten Pink

     MSU Green

     Mughal Green


     Mummy's Tomb


     Myrtle Green


     Mystic Maroon


     Nadeshiko Pink

     Napier Green

     Naples Yellow

     Navajo White

     Navy Blue

     Navy Purple

     Neon Carrot

     Neon Fuchsia

     Neon Green

     New Car

     New York Pink


     Non-Photo Blue

     North Texas Green


     Ocean Blue

     Ocean Boat Blue

     Ocean Green


     Office Green

     Ogre Odor

     Old Burgundy

     Old Gold

     Old Heliotrope

     Old Lace

     Old Lavender

     Old Mauve

     Old Moss Green

     Old Rose

     Old Silver


     Olive Drab (Traditional)

     Olive Drab (Web)



     Opera Mauve

     Orange (Color Wheel)

     Orange (Crayola)

     Orange (Pantone)

     Orange (RYB)

     Orange (Web)

     Orange Peel


     Orange Soda



     Orchid Pink

     Orioles Orange

     Otter Brown

     Outer Space

     Outrageous Orange

     Oxford Blue

     OU Crimson Red

     Pacific Blue

     Pakistan Green

     Palatinate Blue

     Palatinate Purple

     Pale Aqua

     Pale Blue

     Pale Brown

     Pale Carmine

     Pale Cerulean

     Pale Chestnut

     Pale Copper

     Pale Cornflower Blue

     Pale Cyan

     Pale Gold

     Pale Goldenrod

     Pale Green

     Pale Lavender

     Pale Magenta

     Pale Magenta-Pink

     Pale Pink

     Pale Plum

     Pale Red-Violet

     Pale Robin Egg Blue

     Pale Silver

     Pale Spring Bud

     Pale Taupe

     Pale Turquoise

     Pale Violet

     Pale Violet-Red

     Palm Leaf

     Pansy Purple

     Paolo Veronese Green

     Papaya Whip

     Paradise Pink

     Paris Green

     Parrot Pink

     Pastel Blue

     Pastel Brown

     Pastel Gray

     Pastel Green

     Pastel Magenta

     Pastel Orange

     Pastel Pink

     Pastel Purple

     Pastel Red

     Pastel Violet

     Pastel Yellow


     Payne's Grey




     Peach Puff




     Pearl Aqua

     Pearly Purple



     Permanent Geranium Lake

     Persian Blue

     Persian Green

     Persian Indigo

     Persian Orange

     Persian Pink

     Persian Plum

     Persian Red

     Persian Rose



     Pewter Blue


     Phthalo Blue

     Phthalo Green

     Picton Blue

     Pictorial Carmine

     Piggy Pink

     Pine Green



     Pink (Pantone)

     Pink Flamingo

     Pink Lace

     Pink Lavender


     Pink Pearl

     Pink Raspberry

     Pink Sherbet


     Pixie Powder



     Plum (Web)

     Plump Purple

     Polished Pine

     Pomp And Power


     Portland Orange

     Powder Blue

     Princess Perfume

     Princeton Orange


     Prussian Blue

     Psychedelic Purple


     Puce Red

     Pullman Brown (UPS Brown)

     Pullman Green


     Purple (Web)

     Purple (Munsell)

     Purple (X11)

     Purple Heart

     Purple Mountain Majesty

     Purple Navy

     Purple Pizzazz

     Purple Plum

     Purple Taupe



     Queen Blue

     Queen Pink

     Quick Silver

     Quinacridone Magenta


     Radical Red

     Raisin Black



     Raspberry Glace

     Raspberry Pink

     Raspberry Rose

     Raw Sienna

     Raw Umber

     Razzle Dazzle Rose


     Razzmic Berry

     Rebecca Purple


     Red (Crayola)

     Red (Munsell)

     Red (NCS)

     Red (Pantone)

     Red (Pigment)

     Red (RYB)


     Red Devil



     Red Salsa




     Registration Black

     Resolution Blue


     Rich Black

     Rich Black (Web)

     Rich Brilliant Lavender

     Rich Carmine

     Rich Electric Blue

     Rich Lavender

     Rich Lilac

     Rich Maroon

     Rifle Green

     Roast Coffee

     Robin Egg Blue

     Rocket Metallic

     Roman Silver


     Rose Bonbon

     Rose Dust

     Rose Ebony

     Rose Gold

     Rose Madder

     Rose Pink

     Rose Quartz

     Rose Red

     Rose Taupe

     Rose Vale


     Rosso Corsa

     Rosy Brown

     Royal Azure

     Royal Blue

     Royal Blue

     Royal Fuchsia

     Royal Purple

     Royal Yellow


     Rubine Red


     Ruby Red


     Ruddy Brown

     Ruddy Pink



     Russian Green

     Russian Violet


     Rusty Red

     Sacramento State Green

     Saddle Brown

     Safety Orange

     Safety Orange (Blaze Orange)

     Safety Yellow



     St. Patrick's Blue


     Salmon Pink


     Sand Dune


     Sandy Brown

     Sandy Tan

     Sandy Taupe


     Sap Green


     Sapphire Blue

     Sasquatch Socks

     Satin Sheen Gold



     Schauss Pink

     School Bus Yellow

     Screamin' Green

     Sea Blue

     Sea Foam Green

     Sea Green

     Sea Serpent

     Seal Brown


     Selective Yellow



     Shadow Blue


     Shamrock Green

     Sheen Green

     Shimmering Blush

     Shiny Shamrock

     Shocking Pink

     Shocking Pink (Crayola)



     Silver Chalice

     Silver Lake Blue

     Silver Pink

     Silver Sand


     Sizzling Red

     Sizzling Sunrise


     Sky Blue

     Sky Magenta

     Slate Blue

     Slate Gray

     Smalt (Dark Powder Blue)

     Slimy Green

     Smashed Pumpkin



     Smokey Topaz

     Smoky Black

     Smoky Topaz



     Solid Pink

     Sonic Silver

     Spartan Crimson

     Space Cadet

     Spanish Bistre

     Spanish Blue

     Spanish Carmine

     Spanish Crimson

     Spanish Gray

     Spanish Green

     Spanish Orange

     Spanish Pink

     Spanish Red

     Spanish Sky Blue

     Spanish Violet

     Spanish Viridian

     Spicy Mix

     Spiro Disco Ball

     Spring Bud

     Spring Frost

     Spring Green

     Star Command Blue

     Steel Blue

     Steel Pink

     Steel Teal

     Stil De Grain Yellow





     Sugar Plum

     Sunburnt Cyclops





     Sunset Orange

     Super Pink

     Sweet Brown




     Tangerine Yellow

     Tango Pink

     Tart Orange


     Taupe Gray

     Tea Green

     Tea Rose

     Tea Rose


     Teal Blue

     Teal Deer

     Teal Green



     Terra Cotta


     Thulian Pink

     Tickle Me Pink

     Tiffany Blue

     Tiger's Eye


     Titanium Yellow




     Tractor Red

     Trolley Grey

     Tropical Rain Forest

     Tropical Violet

     True Blue

     Tufts Blue



     Turkish Rose


     Turquoise Blue

     Turquoise Green

     Turquoise Surf

     Turtle Green


     Tuscan Brown

     Tuscan Red

     Tuscan Tan


     Twilight Lavender

     Tyrian Purple

     UA Blue

     UA Red


     UCLA Blue

     UCLA Gold

     UFO Green


     Ultramarine Blue

     Ultra Pink

     Ultra Red


     Unbleached Silk

     United Nations Blue

     University Of California Gold

     Unmellow Yellow

     UP Forest Green

     UP Maroon

     Upsdell Red

     UPS Brown


     USAFA Blue

     USC Cardinal

     USC Gold

     University Of Tennessee Orange

     Utah Crimson

     Van Dyke Brown


     Vanilla Ice

     Vegas Gold

     Venetian Red





     Very Light Azure

     Very Light Blue

     Very Light Malachite Green

     Very Light Tangelo

     Very Pale Orange

     Very Pale Yellow


     Violet (Color Wheel)

     Violet (RYB)

     Violet (Web)




     Viridian Green

     Vista Blue

     Vivid Amber

     Vivid Auburn

     Vivid Burgundy

     Vivid Cerise

     Vivid Cerulean

     Vivid Crimson

     Vivid Gamboge

     Vivid Lime Green

     Vivid Malachite

     Vivid Mulberry

     Vivid Orange

     Vivid Orange Peel

     Vivid Orchid

     Vivid Raspberry

     Vivid Red

     Vivid Red-Tangelo

     Vivid Sky Blue

     Vivid Tangelo

     Vivid Tangerine

     Vivid Vermilion

     Vivid Violet

     Vivid Yellow


     Wageningen Green


     Warm Black



     Weldon Blue




     White Smoke

     Wild Blue Yonder

     Wild Orchid

     Wild Strawberry

     Wild Watermelon

     Willpower Orange

     Windsor Tan


     Wine Dregs

     Winter Sky

     Winter Wizard

     Wintergreen Dream


     Wood Brown


     Yale Blue

     Yankees Blue


     Yellow (Crayola)

     Yellow (Munsell)

     Yellow (NCS)

     Yellow (Pantone)

     Yellow (Process)

     Yellow (RYB)


     Yellow Orange

     Yellow Rose

     Yellow Sunshine


     Zinnwaldite Brown